From a beginning in two dimensional arts to retail store design, graphic design, and a stint as a knitwear pattern designer, I never would have guessed that I’d find my real joy working with clay.  The tactile quality of the medium allows me to design a product, engineer it for good function, play with color and texture on the surface, and create something that will be used every day.  I love every minute of it and hope that you enjoy using my pottery even half as much as I enjoy making it.  Use something handmade every day.

Functional Pottery

I love to make things that people can use.  How’s that for vague?  Nothing pleases me more than carving a design onto a bowl that you’re going to eat your cereal from.  I won’t even mind if you use that bowl for Oatmeal, to hold your quarters on your dresser, or as a receptacle for your belly button lint collection.  Okay, that last one is maybe a little much.  I might mind that one.  I promise, none of the items have been previously used as belly button lint receptacles.  Mostly.

Home Lighting


A meltdown in the lighting aisle of the local home improvement store led me to design a series of pendant and table lamps.  You really have search high and low to find interesting lighting these days and I wanted to create something unusual that doesn’t break the bank.  Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles the ceramic home lighting made by Steve Smith and hand carved by Rebecca Graves is sure to save the emotional trauma of boring lighting.

Custom Orders

armbruster custom

If you’re trying to find the perfect gift, consider a custom wall platter hand carved by Rebecca Graves.  These wall hanging platters are terrific for weddings, anniversaries, babies, awards and more.  Let’s be honest, no one really wants another tankard with their name engraved on it, do they?  Do something bold.  Make a statement.  Be original with a different sort of custom gift.

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